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MSc in Management

MSc in Management

Recognition of Prior Degrees and Periods of Studies at other HEIs

CASS Europe operates according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). In conformity with the provisions of the Lisbon Recognition Convention a student who has successfully completed a course of study at a higher education institution (HEI) for which there are no substantial differences in the competencies gained relative to that which is being offered at CASS Europe can apply to have such previous studies recognized in the MSc program.

The Graduate School will take the decision about recognition normally on the recommendation of the Academic Director. The Graduate School must report details of the award of credit to the Registrar’s office. Any credit awarded for courses undertaken elsewhere will be clearly identified on the student’s transcript. Recognition is requested formally by listing the courses on the program of study, obtaining the Academic Director and Program Committee’s approval. Students intending to request recognition of previous studies in the MSc program will need to submit to the Graduate School all official transcripts from colleges or universities showing such courses and credit. A catalogue description of the program from which recognition is sought must be available (either in paper form or on the concerned institution’s website).

Recognition of Prior Learning and periods of practical work

Recognition of Prior Learning is the generic term used for the award of credits on the basis of demonstrated learning that has occurred at some time in the past. This relates specifically to recognition of prior certificated learning outside higher education level (including periods of practical work). Accordingly, an enrolled student in the MSc program who has successfully completed certificated learning prior to joining the program can apply to the Registrar to have such prior certificated learning recognized in the MSc program. The procedure for recognition of prior certificated learning is considered primarily in terms of equality of learning outcomes. In such cases the student submits to the Registrar a complete file related to the prior certificated learning. The Dean will then convene a special committee to review the file in order to determine whether or not there is equality of learning outcomes with the MSc program.