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Graduate Diploma in Business Management (GDBM) Program

GDBM Program

GDBM Graduation Requirements

The duration for completing the GDBM program on a full-time basis is one (1) academic year of studies and research. For part-time enrollment the duration is two (2) years of studies and research. A student must obtain a total of 60 ECTS credits to be allowed to graduate. One (1) ECTS credit is equivalent to a total workload of 26 hours.

One (1) ECTS credit is equivalent to 26 class contact hours. Class contact hours include formal lectures, exercises, case preparation and presentation, and other forms of group work in class.In order to be allowed to graduate a full-time student must have been enrolled in the GDBM Program for one (1) year (two (2) years for part-time students), successfully completed the course component of the program, submitted and orally defended the GDBM thesis.