CASS Europe’s global academic campus in Paris and its management development center in Brussels as well as facilities at partner academic institutions internationally where its programs are currently being delivered are fully equipped with state of the art information and communication technology for pedagogical purposes.

Seminar rooms

We have well-equipped seminar rooms with computer outlets allowing students to use their lap tops for note taking and class work.

Study rooms

Our study rooms are well equipped with computers outlets enabling students to work at ease in group and individually.


Our auditoria are equipped with the latest technology for pedagogical purposes, including simultaneous translation facilities for multilingual conferences and seminars.


CASS Europe subscribes to online libraries that are fully equipped with academic journals, books, magazines, newspapers, CD ROMS, etc. This enables registered students in our programs to have ready access to whatever publication they wish to find.


Our Institution does not operate accommodation facilities. However, the Institution collaborates with a number of organizations in the cities where we have a Center. These organizations provide suitably priced accommodation to students.

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