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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

MBA Program


There is provision in the Master’s program that enables enrolled students to take up to four modules by e-Learning. This is administered flexibly, however. For example, a student who is enrolled in the program and taking modules by means of the traditional face-to-face class teaching but who due to unforeseen circumstances such as, for example, a sudden change in the work situation, may apply to the Registrar to complete a limited number of the remaining modules by e-Learning. CASS Europe uses CourseSites by Blackboard as the platform for delivering the online learning. In such circumstances the institution will arrange for support tutorials to be provided by academically qualified lecturers with experience in e-Learning for that particular student. Moreover, the institution will ensure that administrative support is available to the student on a regular and continuous basis. The flexibility of e-Learning allows working professionals to successfully complete the program on time. It should be added that faculty members involved in course delivery through e-Learning are provided training in that field on a regular basis by way of in-house seminars on e-learning. Moreover, concerned faculty members are strongly encouraged to participate in e-Learning seminars and courses organized by other higher education institutions, the costs of which are fully borne by CASS Europe. Finally, it should be noted that the institution has an Associate Dean in charge of e-Learning.