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MPhil Program

MPhil Program

Program Curriculum

As indicated above the curriculum of the program is made up of three (3) obligatory modules encompassing the fundamentals of Scientific Research, which must be completed in the three months following enrolment in the program, and three (3) obligatory Research Seminars which must be completed over a period of three (3) months immediately following conclusion of the three modules in fundamentals of scientific research.

The remaining six (6) months are devoted to preparing the MPhil thesis which must be presented and defended in a viva voce:

Fundamentals of Scientific Research Courses (3 months):

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Research Methodology

Research Seminars (3 months):

  • Research Seminar I
  • Research Seminar II
  • Research Seminar III

Each of the three seminars is led by a faculty member who animates the seminars. The seminars provide program participants with the opportunity to present and discuss their on-going MPhil research. The seminars also enable program participants to receive constructive feedback from faculty members, fellow students, and invited persons with regard to their ongoing thesis work.

The distribution of class hours, self-study hours, and ECTS credits per module is as shown in following table. The table also indicates the estimated number of hours students are expected to allocate to preparation the MPhil thesis.

Code Modules Class Hours Self-Study Hours ECTS*
MPh501 Philosophy of Science 45 85 5
MPh502 Qualitative Research Methodology 45 85 5
MPh503 Quantitative Research Methodology 45 85 5
MPh504 Research Seminar I 45 85 5
MPh505 Research Seminar II 45 85 5
MPh506 Research Seminar III 45 85 5
MPh508 MPhil Research & Thesis   780 30
Total 270 1290 60
*ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System